Becoming a member

 We do recommend that you come to the Shed, have a chat and look around the facilities before you decide one way or another - it's always nice to feel the width of the material first! You can also discover whether the Men's Shed Pomonais the right one for you as different Sheds cover different skills.


How do I Join?

To become a member you can either create an on-line account by logging in to the site (top right) using your email address and then completing the on-line application form which proceeds into a payment section (Credit Card only) or you can simply come into the Shed and see one of our friendly committe members and pay by cash and fill in a application form. Membership renewals can also be made on-line by logging in with your email address (your details are already stored in the site). You will need to access your email account whilst setting up the password. 



Our fees are $50 for the year and is from the date you join until same ate next year. We have not have daily fee, this means you may attend any day we are open.



We are currently open Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am untill 12 noon. ( We are discussing to open on other days as well )